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Today there is no food in this post except for some food for the brain.

Have you ever thought how lucky you are that you know a language that most of the planet knows and you don’t have to worry how to communicate with others?

However, English being not my mother tongue makes it very difficult for me to blog. It’s really hard to write anything in a foreign language however fluent you may be. Although at the time of finishing school, my English and French were perfect and my Italian not bad I never had the chance to practice neither French nor Italian, although I can still make a decent conversation.  Although I had the chance to practice English by teaching in the early years after I moved to Greece and working in a Law Firm with international clients and later on in an airline where all the correspondence was in English, still my vocabulary was mostly restricted to legal and commercial terms.

When I began blogging more than a year ago, it was very difficult as the culinary vocabulary was just basic for me and still there are a lot of words and terms that I am learning every day.

When I read your posts I encounter a lot of new words, some of which I look up and some of which I just skip as I understand the general meaning. However, when I am writing a blog post that’s totally different. Even though I use simple vocabulary, there are times that although I know the words, sometimes I have doubt if I am using the right one, so I have to stop and think and double check to see if I used the correct word and that only may take even 10 minutes to find the most suitable word. I bet that most of you write whole posts in less than ten minutes.

Although I do have a lot of dictionaries at home which my children used when they were learning English that’s not practical to use. I also have an e-dictionary installed on my computer which I used but I do not find most of the words I am looking for.

I started using online translators such as Alta Vista, Babel Fish, Google, WorldLingo etc. but that wasn’t very practical and I got all those Casinos and Free Lotto and You’re the 1.000.000 hit and you won something, SPAMIGO, or CURSOR MANIA pages popping up.

I have been using the new Babylon Dictionary which you may see on the top of my side bar on my blog and on the bottom right corner at BloggerAid for about two weeks now. I used it and tested it many times and because I found it very useful I wanted to share this with you.  It’s easier, because I don’t have to open a new page to look for a word but a window pop’s up right in front of my screen where I find the translation and I find links to Wikipedia as well, if I want to find information for what I’m looking for. Previously I used different widgets that suppose to do the same, but never found something as fast and good as Babylon. I’m still in the trial period, but I sure am happy to have found this.  It’s free and if you like to have it installed on your computer as well just follow the link.

I am sure this is also going to be useful for my readers as well, who may find unknown words or ingredients in a recipe and can immediately translate the word in their own language.

The people of Babylon are extremely helpful and ready to help for any thing I need. They gave me a selection of food related icons to use for the translator and even asked me if I wanted to customise it by using one of my own pictures so that they would adjust it for me. The original widget was too big for my sidebar and when I told them about it,  they adjusted it for me and sent me a new one and we added a few more languages that I wanted.

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Χωρίς σχόλια on A very useful widget

  1. Ο/Η Cakelaw λέει:

    Thanks for brining our attention to this Ivy. I shamefyully have to admit that my only language, written or spoken, is English, so I admire you for having a grasp of so many languages.

  2. Ο/Η Rosa λέει:

    Yes, writing in another language isn’t always that easy… Your English is very good, ivy! Thanks for the link!



  3. Ο/Η natalia λέει:

    Ciao Ivy I’m following your advise and install it ! By the way I always thought your English was perfect !!

  4. Ο/Η Happy Cook λέει:

    Thankyou for the info ivy.
    Once i saw a bread recipe in italian and i translated in bablefish, whcih was really bad and istill managed to make the bread.
    So this site is goingto be real handy.

  5. Ο/Η Joan Nova λέει:

    You put so much time, effort and passion into whatever you do. I’ve seen you up early AMs or late into the wee hours leaving messages here and there. I must tell you that I never noted an “accent” in your English. In fact, I thought perhaps you went to school in England or America! I must say I am in awe of you and my other blogger friends outside of the U.S. who are so conversant in many languages.

  6. Ο/Η Rosie λέει:

    Thanks for the info Ivy and I admire anyone who writes and translates another language. Your English is always perfect Ivy.

    Sorry I haven’t been around in a while on BlogAid Ivy – I must get my act together better than of late!!

    Hugs Rosie x

  7. Ο/Η Bellini Valli λέει:

    Yes I did see this new widget on your blog Ivy. It sounds like it would be very helpful for anyone needing to translate. I live in Canada where we are supposed to have 2 official languages…English and French. We learned French all through school from grade 6 on but unless you are immersed in a language it is difficult to retain it. I have talked to you in CHAT and believe with all my heart that you have mastered the English language very well:D

  8. Ο/Η Núria λέει:

    Hola Ivy! Thanks for the online dictionary! I feel exactly the same way you do… but my english is much worse than yours! I use the google translator and I’m happy with it :D


  9. Ο/Η Hopie λέει:

    Good to know! I definitely sympathize. When I write entries in French it takes me forever and I’m often unsure about certain cooking-specific vocabulary, even though I consider myself bilingual. I’m always impressed at how often you post, especially considering that it must take some time to write your entries. And your entries are always clear, well-written and informative!


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