Ivy on Σεπτεμβρίου 11th, 2014

Today I am posting two different cheesecakes I made recently.  One of the them was baked and the other was not. The crust is the same for both cheesecakes.  Each one is different in taste and texture but both delicious. You can see below in the video how I shaped the crust. Two different Chocolate […]


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Ivy on Σεπτεμβρίου 5th, 2014

  I mentioned this recipe in my post for the Tomato and Fruit Chutney.  You can use the chutney as a sauce to dress your pasta dishes and you will have an easy pasta dish prepared in no time, which is not only easy to make but also delicious. This time of the year I […]


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Ivy on Σεπτεμβρίου 3rd, 2014

  In my previous recipe for Spicy Cornmeal Breadsticks with Graviera and Tomato Chutney, I had used some of this Tomato Chutney I had recently made. I” ve been hearing about Tomato Chutneys for many years now, so it was about time to make some and see if it was as amazing as I had […]


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Ivy on Αυγούστου 29th, 2014

When Zorra of Kocktopf, invited  me on Facebook, to participate to the  Bread Baking event,  I wasn’t sure what to make but I decided to take the challenge.  This month’s theme is breadsticks and according to our host,  Marion  it doesn’t matter if they are thick, thin, long, short, straight or crooked, as long as the bread or […]


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Ivy on Αυγούστου 25th, 2014

When I started blogging seven years ago, I never believed that it would last so long.  It is characteristic of those born under the Aries zodiac sign that we get very enthusiastic when we start a new project but we tend to lose interest and give up easily. Personally, I am surprised that I am still blogging […]


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Ivy on Αυγούστου 13th, 2014

  I’ve written about purslane (portulaca oleracea) in many other posts. Purslane contains more Omega-3 fatty acids than any other leafy vegetable plant. The stems, the leaves and the flowers are all edible.   Ms. Simopoulos states that Purslane has .01 mg/g of EPA. This is an extraordinary amount of EPA for land based vegetable sources. EPA is an Omega-3 […]


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Ivy on Αυγούστου 5th, 2014

  As August is the vacation month in Greece, no one wants to stay at home, although we are not going on vacation.  However, living near the seaside, we do enjoy going to the beach almost everyday.  We go early in the morning and by the time we get back to have breakfast, shower, wash […]


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Ivy on Αυγούστου 1st, 2014

When Patrick Keeley contacted me by e-mail to be the featured chef of their T.V. show «All the best» with Zita Keeley, I was really excited.  The cruise ship they partnered with, the «NOORDAM» would be visiting Nafplion in a couple of weeks and they would have six hours, for me to cook and show […]


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Ivy on Ιουλίου 23rd, 2014

When it comes to creating a new recipe, I just follow my instict, which fortunate enough for me, it always works. I’ve made many chickpea salads over the years and today I wanted to make something totally new.   I knew the recipe would work just as well with pasta, rice or quinoa as I have used […]


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Ivy on Ιουλίου 22nd, 2014

Making liqueurs is very easy and you will find a few links of previous liqueurs I have made at the end of this post.  It can get even easier and cheaper if you preserve fruit and I will explain why. Years ago I used to discard the leftover syrups of the fruit preserves I made. […]


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