Kopiaste..to Greek Hospitality http://kopiaste.org ... for Authentic & Healthy Greek and Cypriot Recipes Thu, 26 Mar 2015 14:11:02 +0000 en-GB hourly 1 http://wordpress.org/?v=4.1.1 Three Recipes with Thrapsala (Short-fin Squid) http://kopiaste.org/2015/03/three-recipes-with-thrapsala-short-fin-squid/ http://kopiaste.org/2015/03/three-recipes-with-thrapsala-short-fin-squid/#comments Thu, 26 Mar 2015 14:11:02 +0000 http://kopiaste.org/?p=24518 Thrapsala (Illex coindetti or short-fin squid) are of the same family as calamari but much more cheaper, at least here in Greece, but equally delicious. As I do not find the time to post my recipes immediately, they have been waiting patiently for the right time to be posted, the first one being cooked three […]

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Tahinopsomo (Star Tahini Bread) http://kopiaste.org/2015/03/tahinopsomo-star-tahini-bread/ http://kopiaste.org/2015/03/tahinopsomo-star-tahini-bread/#comments Sun, 22 Mar 2015 05:46:32 +0000 http://kopiaste.org/?p=24496   Tahinopsomo is a beautiful star shaped bread filled with tahini and honey based on the Cypriot recipe for Tahinopita.  However, this is much easier to make by just following the simple technique I used. We can bake it in round baking tin in order to make it look more like bread but if it is […]

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Stewed Chickpeas with Spinach http://kopiaste.org/2015/03/stewed-chickpeas-with-spinach/ http://kopiaste.org/2015/03/stewed-chickpeas-with-spinach/#comments Mon, 16 Mar 2015 14:04:14 +0000 http://kopiaste.org/?p=24484 Chickpeas are one of my favourite legumes which I cook quite often in many variations. This time I combined them with spinach,  which makes a delicious and healthy vegan dish, perfect during the period Lent. If you do not have the aromatic herbs I have used you can leave them out or substitute with some parsley. Stewed […]

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Marshmallows Bergamot Birthday Cake http://kopiaste.org/2015/03/marshmallows-bergamot-birthday-cake/ http://kopiaste.org/2015/03/marshmallows-bergamot-birthday-cake/#comments Wed, 11 Mar 2015 06:58:36 +0000 http://kopiaste.org/?p=24475 Today is Elia’s Birthday.  I can’t believe how time flies and she is already turning 23.   Happy Birthday sweetie!! I made this cake last Friday, as she visited us on Saturday.  Although I was still not feeling well, after the flu, I managed to make this cake for her with the ingredients I had at […]

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Why is chicken soup good when you have a cold? http://kopiaste.org/2015/03/chicken-soup-good-cold/ http://kopiaste.org/2015/03/chicken-soup-good-cold/#comments Thu, 05 Mar 2015 06:30:37 +0000 http://kopiaste.org/?p=24443 I have not been feeling very well since last weekend.   On Saturday morning we had gone to the farmers’ market  as well as to the supermarket for our weekly shopping and the first signs of feeling a bit exhausted had appeared.  I paid no attention and returning back home  I had tons of things to […]

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Crispy Phyllo Wrapped Feta http://kopiaste.org/2015/02/crispy-phyllo-wrapped-feta/ http://kopiaste.org/2015/02/crispy-phyllo-wrapped-feta/#comments Thu, 19 Feb 2015 11:12:05 +0000 http://kopiaste.org/?p=24406 As I said in my previous post, the second week of the carnival is called “Tyrini” (from the word cheese), where only dairy products are allowed to be eaten.  However, most people continue to eat meat and only on Sunday, the last day of Tyrini, the tradition is followed by almost everybody. So, if you want to […]

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Marinated Garlic Petimezi Pork chops with Sweet and Sour Sauce http://kopiaste.org/2015/02/marinated-garlic-petimezi-pork-chops-sweet-sour-sauce/ http://kopiaste.org/2015/02/marinated-garlic-petimezi-pork-chops-sweet-sour-sauce/#comments Thu, 12 Feb 2015 09:36:04 +0000 http://kopiaste.org/?p=24409 The carnival season is celebrated in Greece and Cyprus for three weeks.  The celebrations start by the “opening of the Triodion”, as it is called by our church.    The first week is called Profoni or Profonisimi (because people would loudly announce the beginning of the carnival), in which people prepare their pigs to be […]

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Coconut and Olive Oil Bergamot Revani Cake http://kopiaste.org/2015/01/coconut-olive-oil-bergamot-revani-cake/ http://kopiaste.org/2015/01/coconut-olive-oil-bergamot-revani-cake/#comments Sat, 31 Jan 2015 05:58:41 +0000 http://kopiaste.org/?p=24314 Revani or Ravani is a Greek semolina cake,  which I have already published in the past. A few weeks ago when I made Bergamot fruit preserve, I decided to make more syrup than needed as I love using it in other recipes. When I started making the Revani I used bergamot zest as well syrup […]

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Savoury and Sweet Pizza Rolls or Pizza Bread http://kopiaste.org/2015/01/savoury-sweet-pizza-rolls-pizza-bread/ http://kopiaste.org/2015/01/savoury-sweet-pizza-rolls-pizza-bread/#comments Tue, 27 Jan 2015 12:14:37 +0000 http://kopiaste.org/?p=24337 Instead of making pizza, you can make these rolls, which are perfect as a snack or even for breakfast. Sometimes, I make it into a big roll, which I cut into pieces and other times I make individual ones and make it into pull-aparts. Whenever you are going to make pizza again, make more dough […]

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Four Citrus Marmalade http://kopiaste.org/2015/01/four-citrus-marmalade/ http://kopiaste.org/2015/01/four-citrus-marmalade/#comments Tue, 20 Jan 2015 17:22:32 +0000 http://kopiaste.org/?p=24312   One of my favourite marmalades is the one with mixed citrus.  You can make the marmalade using any combination of citrus fruit and if you like you can change the ratio of each fruit depending on dominating flavour you would like to taste.  You can follow the same method to make each fruit separately. […]

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