In Cyprus, we always used to roast our turkey on Christmas Day and I can remember what a huge bird we used to roast as I come from a big family. I have five brothers and sisters and apart from one of my brothers who lives in Australia, the rest we used to gather, with […]


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Ivy on December 10th, 2007

Afelia is a traditional Cypriot dish of small pieces of fried pork meat cooked in red dry wine and coriander. It is usually accompanied by bulgur pilaf. The origin of the word comes from ancient Greek and they were called ovelia = avelia.  The word ovelias means cooked meat (usually lamb) on the spit.  My mother […]


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Ivy on December 3rd, 2007

These are the traditional cookies we make in Cyprus and call them “koulourouthkia” and sometimes koulourouthkia sigma.   The letter sigma is the only letter in the Greek alphabet which has three forms: capital, small and ending  “S”  (Σ σ ς), so they are shaped like an end s. In Cyprus we make these cookies with […]


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Ivy on November 24th, 2007

Tahinopita is a Cypriot Lenten Pie and I stress the word Cypriot Tahinopita because I searched the web for information about tahinopita and could not find this recipe anywhere.The only thing I found was a cake made with tahini and 90% of the recipes found were exactly the same (copy – paste) from someone who […]


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Ivy on November 15th, 2007

Hoummous or houmous or hummus, there are almost as many ways of spelling this as there are recipes for it. This Cypriot soup is inspired by the Middle Eastern dip with the same name.   The ingredients are the same only more broth is added to turn it into a soup.  It can be a  filling […]


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Ivy on November 10th, 2007

The queen of taste, the black olive owes a lot to the Greek fertile earth which gifts it a superb light buttery taste, features in many pastry recipes. Eliopitakia. Eliopsomo (Olive Bread) Lagana Olives and Carrot Bread Sticks and rolls Whole Wheat Focaccia with Kalamata Olives


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Ivy on November 9th, 2007

Makaronia tou Fournou means pasta baked in the oven and is a common dish in Cyprus, often served as a main course, with a salad but in Cyprus it is an essential dish during all celebrations. It is similar to Greek pastitsio with a different flavour and of course lots of halloumi in it. Like […]


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Ravioles is a Cypriot pasta dish, similar to ravioli, having its roots probably from the Venetian times.  In Cyprus this pasta dish is filled with aged halloumi and the pasta is cooked in chicken broth. A few days ago my son came back from Crete and some friends from Crete, Sophia and her family, from […]


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Ivy on November 3rd, 2007

Hi I’m back from Cyprus. I had a terrific time in Limassol, (see new photos in my site- see: “My photos – landscapes from Cyprus”). I visited my relatives and friends and have brought with me lots of Cypriot recipes to share with you and which were prepared for me by my sisters and friends. […]


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Ivy on November 3rd, 2007

According to the Greek Orthodox religion, nearly every day of the year is dedicated to a Christian saint or Martyr. Each church is devoted to a particular saint and that saint’s name day is celebrated on the saint’s birthday or day of death. These celebrations are usually celebrated with a Panigyri (fair or festival) and […]


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