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Ivy on August 27th, 2008

I do not remember ever mentioning our pet. We have a Siamese cat named Lisa and she is ten years old. She is also a Math genius. You must be wondering what Lisa has to do with Revithokeftedes. In a way she does because my love for cats grew when I was about 10 years […]


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Ivy on May 16th, 2008

A few days ago I wrote about the other parcel I received from sweet Nuria and as I promised I am writing about the parcel I received from Pixie before Easter. When Pixie asked me what I wanted I told her that I wanted maple syrup because it was something I saw in recipes and […]


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Patates Antinahtes means “Tossed Potatoes”. They have taken their name from the way they are cooked, as they are tossed in the sauce pan to be coated with the spices until they absorb the wine.   These potatoes are washed very well and then they are cracked and deep fried in olive oil.  They are […]


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Ivy on February 11th, 2008

  Picture from last week’s “laiki agora” our farmers’ market. In Greece we do not have a lot of varieties of potatoes, such as yellow potatoes, blue potatoes or red potatoes nor do we have names for them. The only potatoes we have are the usual oval, brown skin and white flesh potatoes.   There […]


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Ivy on January 15th, 2008

After the Christmas and New years holidays and after eating tons of food and sweets I have decided that it’s about time to post some recipes which I shall label as low fat recipes.  Of course I have to point out that I am neither a dietitian nor a nutritionist and if you want to […]


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Ivy on November 25th, 2007

After a friend’s comment on the potato salad recipe, I remembered a story of how potato was introduced to the Greeks. I quote from Wikipedia: “The way Capodistrias introduced the cultivation of the potato remains famously anecdotal today. Having ordered a shipment of potatoes, at first he ordered that they should be offered to anyone […]


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Ivy on November 3rd, 2007

There’s nothing like homemade mashed potatoes, the ultimate comfort food. Preparing mashed potatoes is so simple to make and cannot be compared with the dehydrated stuff you get in supermarkets. Mashed potatoes are made by pressing freshly boiled potatoes. Baking or starchy potatoes are recommended for mashed potatoes as they are high in starch with […]


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Ivy on November 2nd, 2007

This looks like a very simple recipe but it took me quite a long time to accomplish a nice crispy taste yet soft inside.   What makes these potatoes different from any other and so tasty is that they are fried in olive oil. Patates Tiganites (French fries the Greek way) Ingredients: Potatoes Olive oil Salt […]


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Ivy on November 1st, 2007

Rice Pilaf, has its origin from the Persian pilau also called polao, pilav, pilaff, plov or pulao in other languages. One of the earliest literary references to pilau can be found in the histories of Alexander the Great when describing Bactrian hospitality. Bactria was an eastern Persian (Iranian) province, which was the birthplace of Alexander’s […]


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