In my previous post we went to Monastiraki and from there we walked to the Ancient Agora, where we visited the Stoa of  Attalus, the  Museum and the Temple of Hephaestus.  Then we strolled in the Youssourum (flea market). Starting again from Monastiraki, after passing the Mosque and Hadrian’s Library, this time we shall turn […]


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View from Lycabettus  It’s been three months since we came back to Athens as our house in Assini does not have any central heating and just the fireplace was not enough to keep the house warm during the winter. We miss Assini and now that the weather is getting warmer, we’ve decided to go back […]


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Ivy on August 27th, 2009

Sorry I haven’t been around for a while.  I am writing this post as some of you are e-mailing me, wondering why I am not around.  Thank you all for asking. First of all my husband and I went on vacations for a few days.  We went to Evia, which is an island very close […]


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Ivy on January 29th, 2009

I am really disappointed that I missed the train for Germany for our virtual culinary tour around the world, as I was planning to participate but I lost track of the time, so my Pigs in a blanket, will have to wait before I lose another train and I am now heading right away to […]


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Ivy on November 17th, 2008

Unfortunately all good things end soon and this was the last day of our trip. As a Foodie I could not resist going into a Supermarket, which was next door to the hotel. I had visited it the very first day of our visit and spotted a few things I wanted to bring along. So […]


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Ivy on November 16th, 2008

On Monday we woke up really early and it was still dark outside. When the sun rose and we saw that it would be a lovely day we decided to go for a walk to the river before breakfast. We encountered some other couples walking on the path and a woman with two lovely dogs. […]


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Ivy on November 15th, 2008

Sunday morning was cloudy and rainy but that did not discourage us at all. Our son called us in the morning to see if we still wanted to go out in the rain. We had planned to visit Les Jardains Botaniques (Botanical Gardens) and Le Chateau des Penthes and we did not intend to stay […]


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Ivy on November 14th, 2008

We are back from our trip to Switzerland and France.   We just stayed for four days and five nights but all four days we left early in morning from the hotel and returned late in the evening.   Before leaving I wrote a post and promised to give you some of the recipes I made […]


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As much as I love cooking, there are a few days that I want to cook something quick and easy and what is easier than a pasta dish? This week the temperature was around 40 degrees C in Athens, so every morning my husband and I leave early in the morning and go for swimming, […]


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Ivy on March 25th, 2008

The name of this dish is named after Mount Athos, which in Greek is Aghion Oros.I don’t know if the monks in Agion Oros prepare this dish but it is a very good mezes. Before going to Thessaloniki I asked Peter “The Macedonian Kalofagas” if he knew any good restaurants we could visit and he […]


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