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Announcing Creative Concoctions Event

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Welcome to Creative Concoctions, a bimonthly food blogging event which will be hosted here at Kopiaste.. to Greek Hospitality.   Anyone who would like to host this event in the future is welcome to host it, so please e-mail me to set a date.

Each fortnight the host will invite bloggers around the world to submit an original recipe, sometimes it may have a theme and sometimes it will be general.

There are a lot of talented foodies around us, so this event is all about showing our creative concoctions, which means your own culinary delicious creations:  it could be a recipe you have invented or a recipe you have copied but in the end you have made it your own by adding your personal touch with other ingredients, spices, method etc.

This event mainly wants to encourage foodies, who for one reason or another have never tried to create a recipe by themselves but only copy recipes from friends, family, cookbooks and other blogs. There’s nothing wrong about that but there’s no fun either.  You need to have the courage to try something new and different and I can assure you that it’s not as hard as you may think.

If you have never created an original recipe, start with something simple, such as your mum’s roast or stew or your favourite cake, etc.  Try making it with a different flavour or other spices.   Each culture has soups, stew recipes, cakes etc., but what makes it unique are the different flavours or spices used.  Get out of your comfort zone and try something new for a change  but always using ingredients  and spices you like.   In the end, the final result will be yours and will be greatly rewarding and satisfying.   My advice would be to read a lot of recipes and learn the technique of the recipe.   Then it’s easy to start building on that recipe.  Think of all the people who are vegan or gluten intolerant or diabetic or just want a healthy lifestyle.  The necessity has made them creative by substituting the ingredients.

Each event may have different  rules, so please read the rules of each event, as they are posted.


Here are the rules for the first event :

1. Post a recipe of a dish you have created.  Tell us if you have invented it or what changes you have made to make it your own.

2. The posts may be written anytime from 1 – 14 and 16 – 29/30 of each month.  The round-up will be posted on the 15th and 30th/31st of the respective month.

3. Please e-mail your entries at ivyliac AT gmail DOT com. Posts must contain the phrase Creative Concoctions and must include a link to Kopiaste.. to Greek Hospitality,  and to the host (if any). Feel free to use the logo if you like.

4. In your email please include Creative Concoctions in the subject as well as the following information:

  • Your Name
  • Your Blog Name/URL
  • Your Post URL
  • Your Location
  • Attach
    a photo (50K 500 px wide). If you don’t know how to do this please send me a big picture and I will resize it for you.

5. For those not having a food related blog but would like to participate you may e-mail the recipe to the host with a photo, your name and location and the recipe will also be posted.

6.  Only recipes in English are accepted and you are free to link to other events as well.

7.  The rules may change, depending on the event, so please check on each announcement to see the rules.

For our first event you can send any kind of original recipe and I’m looking forward to receiving your delicious culinary concoctions 🙂

Please send your entries by the 30th March and the roundup will be posted on the 31st March.

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Kopiaste and Kali Orexi!!


Sharing is caring!

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