Tahinopita is a Cypriot Lenten Pie and I stress the word Cypriot Tahinopita because I searched the web for information about tahinopita and could not find this recipe anywhere.The only thing I found was a cake made with tahini and 90% of the recipes found were exactly the same (copy – paste) from someone who originally wrote it and the others just copied it.u00c2u00a0 I had to make a few phone calls to my sisters in Cyprus who did not have a recipe themselves but found out a recipe which they gave me.

The traditional Tahinopita we make in Cyprus is layers of phyllo and in between each phyllo there is the tahini mixture with sugar and cinnamon.

In Cyprus these were street food and I remember back when we used to buy tahinopitas at school, from street vendors who had a three or four wheeled cart which was covered with a sort of awindow dressing and sold them in the crowded parts of the city. u00c2u00a0

Nowadays you can find them anywhere, in supermarkets, mini markets, confectioneries, bakeries etc. u00c2u00a0I am not sure if there are any street vendors any more because I have been away from Cyprus for many years and during my visits there I have never seen any.

This is a great breakfast pie, or snack with a very spicy flavour and very nutritious as well.u00c2u00a0 It is «strict fasting» or «Lenten», meaning it contains no dairy, eggs, or oil and is suitable for «fasting» days in the Orthodox Church. Very satisfying with a cup of your favourite coffee.

The recipe is included in my cookbook Mint, Cinnamon & Blossom Water, Flavours of Cyprus, Kopiaste!

You will find the recipe in my cookbook «Mint, Cinnamon & Blossom Water, Flavours of Cyprus, Kopiaste!»

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36 u00cfu0083u00cfu0087u00cfu008cu00ceu00bbu00ceu00b9u00ceu00b1 on Tahinopita (A Cypriot Lenten Pie)

  1. u00ceu009f/u00ceu0097 Laurie Constantino u00ceu00bbu00ceu00adu00ceu00b5u00ceu00b9:

    I have a recipe for this that I’ve been meaning to try, although it is slightly different than yours. For example, the recipe I have doesn’t have either mastixa or maxlepi in it. Now I can’t decide if I should make your recipe or the one I’ve been meaning to do!

    I’ve also made many times an Armenian recipe for something similar, although smaller and harder, more like cookies than bread.

    As you say, the smell is amazing, and I love the taste of tahini with pretty much everything. Thanks!

  2. u00ceu009f/u00ceu0097 Ivy u00ceu00bbu00ceu00adu00ceu00b5u00ceu00b9:

    Laurie I think that if you like the taste of mastiha and mahlepi try it because it gives a nice aroma to the dough.

  3. u00ceu009f/u00ceu0097 Nick A. u00ceu00bbu00ceu00adu00ceu00b5u00ceu00b9:

    ivy, thanks you for the recipe. I looked all over the internet and I was able to find only a recipe for a «cake» like tachinopita. Even when I called relatives in cyprus nobody was able to give me some good instructions. Sounded like a secret for the bakeries over there. One question though. When you do the 2 snails after that you put one on top of the other and roll the pin over them again until they are thin… right?

  4. u00ceu009f/u00ceu0097 Ivy u00ceu00bbu00ceu00adu00ceu00b5u00ceu00b9:

    Hi Nick,
    You’ve got it right. Also, please bear in mind that the temperature I bake them is according to my oven, e.g I usually bake a cake at 180 degrees celcius for about an hour +. Compare this with the time you need to bake a cake and adjust accordingly.

  5. u00ceu009f/u00ceu0097 Eva u00ceu00bbu00ceu00adu00ceu00b5u00ceu00b9:

    Hi Ivy…
    just to say thanks for posting this recipe for me and i hope next time they will have not only great taste but also great raising:)i shall lover the teperature too…
    i shall keep trying…

  6. u00ceu009f/u00ceu0097 Ivy u00ceu00bbu00ceu00adu00ceu00b5u00ceu00b9:

    Hi Eva, I am sure next time you will get them right. It is important to leave them to raise in a hot spot. As for the temperature I always bake at 180 degrees but I am not sure if the temperature inside is right. It takes me about 1 hour + to bake a cake. So I think you’ll figure it out. Happy New Year.

  7. u00ceu009f/u00ceu0097 desi u00ceu00bbu00ceu00adu00ceu00b5u00ceu00b9:

    Hi Ivy,
    Like the others i just wanted to say thanks for posting a recipe for Tahinopites as we know them, i will be trying to make them tomorrow.
    Also wanted to let you know that there are still street vendors selling tahinopites and tyropites.. from the same little motorbike carts..YAY!! they remind me of my childhood, and somehow things always taste better from there :)

  8. u00ceu009f/u00ceu0097 Ivy u00ceu00bbu00ceu00adu00ceu00b5u00ceu00b9:

    Hi Desi. Thanks for commenting and letting me know about tahinopites and tyropites. I sure miss them. Hope to see you around again.

  9. u00ceu009f/u00ceu0097 Tahini Dip u00ceu00bbu00ceu00adu00ceu00b5u00ceu00b9:

    [...] Tahini sauce is a popular condiment for meat and vegetables and has passed into the Cypriot cuisine from its Middle Eastern neighbors. It is also a main ingredient in hoummous soup and tahinopita. [...]

  10. u00ceu009f/u00ceu0097 tasteofbeirut u00ceu00bbu00ceu00adu00ceu00b5u00ceu00b9:

    Amazing! I can see so much similarity with the Armenian version! I think yours is so scrumptious because it uses phyllo dough not just plain pita bread dough. I can’t wait to try it! Thank you!

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    [...] alcohol issues. Good point. Let’s turn it over to our second favorite fasting topic. FOOOD!!! Tahinopita (A Cypriot Lenten Pie) These lenten pastries are amazing. I followed the recipe (although it was a pain and a half to [...]

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    [...] to get tired of us bringing the same 2 cakes over and over. If you are doing desserts try these: Tahinopita (A Cypriot Lenten Pie) They are so delicious. __________________ To view links or images in signatures your post count [...]

  13. u00ceu009f/u00ceu0097 cécile u00ceu00bbu00ceu00adu00ceu00b5u00ceu00b9:

    Hello Ivy !

    I'm curious about your recipe ! My boyfriend has been living during 8 years in Nicosia and is always talking about tahinopita and I would like to surprise him preparing some but the only recipes I found on the net are Greek ones and they don't seem to match with what he experienced.

    Could you please send me by email your fabulous recipe ? thanks a lot Ivy !

    Cheers Cécile


  14. u00ceu009f/u00ceu0097 anna u00ceu00bbu00ceu00adu00ceu00b5u00ceu00b9:

    Hi Ivy,, could you please send me the recipe for these tahinopites , these are my husbands most favorite things to eat,, I usually buy them from the paniyiri at St Andreas church, the ladies make them and sell them, or the Paniyiri tou krasiou,, , will make every effort to make them hust as you tell me,Thanks again ,,he willbe over the moon,

  15. u00ceu009f/u00ceu0097 loidaaa u00ceu00bbu00ceu00adu00ceu00b5u00ceu00b9:

    i v looked everywhere do find tahinopitta recipe and that was the only web tha look the tahinopittes i know! can someone sent it to me pleaseeeeee!

  16. u00ceu009f/u00ceu0097 maria kyriakou u00ceu00bbu00ceu00adu00ceu00b5u00ceu00b9:

    i am finding it a nightmare to find a recipe for these and i woud really appreciate if you could send me yours to try. its my mums birthday and ive offered to try and cook her anything she wants and this being her favorate was what she wants.

    my emaill is maz1131984@hotmail.com
    my mum asked the bakers in cyprus if she could watch them being made and the answer was no (: it does seem to be a big secret over there.

  17. u00ceu009f/u00ceu0097 katerina u00ceu00bbu00ceu00adu00ceu00b5u00ceu00b9:

    I would love to have the recipe too if you are so kind to email it to me at poulao1@hotmail.com.
    Thank you

  18. u00ceu009f/u00ceu0097 susan u00ceu00bbu00ceu00adu00ceu00b5u00ceu00b9:

    i finally found what i wanted and it looks great and im dying to make it, but where can i view the recipe i can not find it here.

    Could you please help me

  19. u00ceu009f/u00ceu0097 susan u00ceu00bbu00ceu00adu00ceu00b5u00ceu00b9:

    Hi Ivy
    could you please send me the recipe for these tahinopites , these are my most favorite and my kids,, I usually buy them where she goes dancing, but i want to give it a go, im not from a greek background but my husband is so im sure he will love it!.

    Thanking you in advance :)

  20. u00ceu009f/u00ceu0097 marina u00ceu00bbu00ceu00adu00ceu00b5u00ceu00b9:

    Hello Ivy,
    I would love to have this recipe as it sounds the most authentic. My brother in-law is English and he would love to have a go at making them.
    thanks in advance
    marina miltiadou andrews

  21. u00ceu009f/u00ceu0097 Jen u00ceu00bbu00ceu00adu00ceu00b5u00ceu00b9:

    I currently live in Cyprus, and have for 2 years. I have asked many Cypriot friends and no one makes them at home, they all buy them – I would love to have your recipe- as these are my absolute favorite confection of anything else I have tried- I love the chewy-ness of them! Could you send me your recipe? jpope1124@gmail.com

  22. u00ceu009f/u00ceu0097 Tahinopita with Halvas « Mint, Cinnamon & Blossom Water u00ceu00bbu00ceu00adu00ceu00b5u00ceu00b9:

    [...] is a bread made with tahini and one of the most popular posts in my blog.u00c2u00a0 Today I used the basic recipeu00c2u00a0u00c2u00a0 included in my Cookbook page 100 and tweaked itto make [...]

  23. u00ceu009f/u00ceu0097 ivyliac

    I shall be publishing a cookbook soon and this recipe will be included in the book. Hope you can wait for a while. Thanks for writing to me.


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