What’s a Lahmajun?

Lahmajun is one of the staple meals ofArmenia and it is often described as the Armenian or Middle-Eastern analogue to the Pizza. However, a Lahmajun has a very thin crust, and is topped with a meat sauce topping, usually lamb or beef-based, that is cooked with tomato and Middle Eastern spices..

Armenia is a mountainous country in Eurasia between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea in the Southern Caucasus. It borders Turkey to the west, Georgia to the north, Azerbaijan to the east, and Iran and the Nakhchivanexclave of Azerbaijan to the south. A transcontinental country at the juncture of Eastern Europe and Western Asia, Armenia has had and continues to have extensive sociopolitical and cultural connections with Europe.

Armenia is a democraticnation-state with an ancient and historic cultural heritage. The Kingdom of Armenia was the first state to adopt Christianity as its religion in the early years of the 4th century (the traditional date is 301). The modern Republic of Armenia is constitutionally a secular state, although the Christian faith plays a major role in the history and identification of the Armenian people.

This country which is so far away has a lot of common with my country Cyprus as well as with Greece. Armenia is a country which has suffered a lot and its people had to leave their home country and immigrate all over the world after the Armenian genocide. Cyprus, as well as Greece were among those countries who accepted refugees and the Greek Armenians now constitute a small community in our country.

I got to know about Lahmajun from my mother, who had learned it from Armenian friends. This is so tasteful and much healthier than pizza (considering all the fat from cheese, etc.) and finally it is so easy to make. This is my entry for the event Π Day- Homemade Pies, hosted by Kitchen Parade.

The recipe is included in Part II of my e-book Mint, Cinnamon & Blossom Water, Flavours of Cyprus, Kopiaste!

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28 Comments on Armenian Lahmajun

  1. Peter M says:

    Ivy, this looks and sounds wonderful. I’m happy to always be introduced to new dishes( and eventually try them).

    We have a large Armenian community here and in Montreal they even have a mounument in remembrance of the genocide.

  2. Alanna says:

    Lovely! Thanks so much for the contribution, Ivy. I’m so glad to know that we’ll have at least one savory pie.

  3. Ivy says:

    Thanks Alanna, I am looking forward to seeing and learning lots of new recipe pies.

  4. Núria says:

    Thanks for sharing this history background and the dish too! It looks so good!!! I’m bookmarking it as an alternative to pizza (I liked the part when you say that we avoid the cheese grease)!!!

  5. Ivy says:

    Don’t get me wrong, it’s not as if I don’t like pizza, I adore it, but it’s a healthier solution.

  6. JennDZ - The Leftover Queen says:

    This sounds really good Ivy. I had a few Armenian friends in high school – I always loved their food!

  7. Ivy says:

    Nice and spicy!

  8. Susan from Food Blogga says:

    This is such a great post, Ivy. I’m new to Lahmajun and quite fascinated by it. It’s also great to have a savory pie recipe for my recipe book. You don’t find that many good ones out there. So thanks!

  9. Bellini Valli says:

    My brother in law made something similar for gatherings. I am so glad that you posted the recipe Ivy so that i can duplicate it :D

  10. Ivy says:

    I am glad you liked it Susan. Good luck with you recipe book.

  11. Ivy says:

    Your are always welcome Val.

  12. Lisa says:

    Looks and sounds delicious. I’ve had lahmajun once at a restaurant, and I loved it; I’ll have to try making it myself now. It’s also the subject of one of my favorite poems. Here’s a link to the poem, if you’re interested in reading it. Happy Pi Day!

  13. Ivy says:

    It was beautiful. I wish I knew it then, I would have put a link to my post. I left a message to Lola and I hope she will see the recipe as well.

  14. Tempered Woman says:

    What a great entry~ I love the historical and cultural tie-in. This is definitely something I would enjoy- it looks fantastic!

  15. Ivy says:

    Hi Tempered Woman and thanks for passing by.

  16. Cakelaw says:

    This looks really interesting Ivy. Thanks for all the information on Armenia. One of my work colleagues is of Armenian descent, so I will pass this on to her.

  17. Ivy says:

    Thanks Cakelaw, pls tell her about it and she can read the lovely poem Lisa sent me the link from another site.

  18. Lisa says:

    This looks and sounds wonderful! And your post is so interesting. Thanks for sharing your take on pie.

  19. Ivy says:

    Thank you Lisa.

  20. White On Rice Couple says:

    Hi! I’m doing the pie day surf here and your’s is sooo interesting! I learned so much here and thanks for all the great detailed pictures!

  21. Ivy says:

    I am glad you liked it. Thank you.

  22. Allergy Mom says:

    That looks so tasty! I’m always looking for cheese free pizza toppings due to my son’s allergies, and this might be the best one yet. Thanks so much for sharing the recipe as well as the background. Libby

  23. Ivy says:

    Hi Allergy Mom. I’m glad this might help. However, it’s a bit spicy so you might have to cut down a bit on the hot spices for the child. Good luck.

  24. […] over at Kopiaste, the beautiful Greek food cooking blog, has a lahmujn recipe that uses ground beef and spices as a […]

  25. Ross says:

    I was a police officer in Culver City and visited a small food stand where I first experienced Lahmajon at Soprie’s. Thanks for the information, it may be the only way I can experience the wonderful memory of a wonderful lady and her very special food.

  26. Michelle says:

    Just made this for lunch, it was awesome. This is the first time we've eaten Lahmajun, and we really enjoyed it. I will definately fix this again. Great recipe!

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