Hoummous Dip

This Middle Eastern Dip known as hummus or hoummous, has passed to the Cypriot cuisine as hoummoi.

It is made of chickpeas, tahini, garlic, lemon and olive oil and is one of the many mezedes they will serve you going to any taverna in Cyprus. u00c2u00a0 Eating mezedes in Cyprus is like a ritual and they keep bringing plates after plates, after plates, after plates.

This dip is perfect with hot pita bread, koulouri or lagana to dip in.

The recipe is included in my cookbook Mint, Cinnamon & Blossom Water, Flavours of Cyprus, Kopiaste as well as in Volume 1 of my e-cookbook.

Kopiaste and Kali Orexi,

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16 u00cfu0083u00cfu0087u00cfu008cu00ceu00bbu00ceu00b9u00ceu00b1 on Hoummous Dip

  1. u00ceu009f/u00ceu0097 Peter G u00ceu00bbu00ceu00adu00ceu00b5u00ceu00b9:

    Hummus…always delicious and I always vary the amounts I put in each time depending how I feel. Great to dip your lagana in! Hummus soup sounds very intriguing Ivy.

  2. u00ceu009f/u00ceu0097 Cakelaw u00ceu00bbu00ceu00adu00ceu00b5u00ceu00b9:

    Lovely dip Ivy – I have never made hummus (or any other dip, for that matter), but love to eat it with flat bread pieces.

  3. u00ceu009f/u00ceu0097 JennDZ_The LeftoverQueen u00ceu00bbu00ceu00adu00ceu00b5u00ceu00b9:

    «If you ever go to Cyprus you will be amazed by the variety of mezedes they will serve you. They start bringing plates after plates, after plates, as starters.»….

    Ivy, this sounds like my kind of meal!

    I love making hummus too, my recipe is very similar to yours in fact! :)

  4. u00ceu009f/u00ceu0097 Lisa u00ceu00bbu00ceu00adu00ceu00b5u00ceu00b9:

    Hummus is one of my very favorite treats. I like to try different variations, but there is nothing like a classic hummus, like you have made here.

  5. u00ceu009f/u00ceu0097 Bellini Valli u00ceu00bbu00ceu00adu00ceu00b5u00ceu00b9:

    Hummus is one of my favourite starters…actually give me some pita or naan bread and I have an entire light meal:D

  6. u00ceu009f/u00ceu0097 Maria u00ceu00bbu00ceu00adu00ceu00b5u00ceu00b9:

    Ivy I love Hummus and I love the different varieties out there now, one of them being the red peppper! Yours looks so yummy.


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