Remember in my post for Uses of leftovers -u00c2u00a0 Part I:u00c2u00a0 Cookies, I mentioned a dessert I had prepared a few days before Christmas and stored it in the deep freezer?

Today it’s time for revelation.

I made this dessert on the day I was making the Whoopie Pies.u00c2u00a0u00c2u00a0 The problem when making a dessert without following a recipe is that you cannot estimate exactly how much you will be needing, so I had some cream cheese leftover and some of each colour of whipped cream.

I had the bits and pieces from the gingerbread house, I had some leftover meringuesu00c2u00a0 from some Mont Blancs I had made early November (they preserve well in air tight containers), I used a couple of biscuits from the whoopie pies and to add up to the amount and fill the bowl I was using I added two melomakarona and a kourabies. u00c2u00a0 I roasted some almonds and since I had made the caramelized orange peels that day, I used some of those as well.

In this recipe there will be no exact measurements as at the time of making it I didn’t even dream that I would post it.

I cut the cookies all in small pieces and mixed in the cream cheese and the whipped cream.u00c2u00a0u00c2u00a0 I lined the dish with two large pieces of cling film and layered the pink whipped cream first. At the time I was not planning to cover it with chocolate so my idea at the moment was when unmolding the dessert the pink part would be on top.

Now, this would be perfect to be served frozen, during summer with a strawberry sauce on top!!u00c2u00a0u00c2u00a0 That would be real red lava :)

Today when I unmolded it I remembered the chocolate caramelized orange peels, which are still occupying part of my refrigerator, so to make good use of them, the idea of covering it with chocolate sounded good as orange and chocolate are a perfect match!!

By the time I took the pictures a couple of hours later,u00c2u00a0 I had finished the Four Citrus Marmalade I started making yesterday, so we tried a small piece of the dessert with the marmalade and it was heaven!!!

It is soooooooo goooooood that we couldn’t stop saying mmmmmmmmmmmmm, wow, want more, delicious, ah!!!

This is how «Black Lava Orange Gateau» was born. u00c2u00a0 It is the first time I am naming one of my desserts and I think this is a perfect name for it.

Black Lava Orange Gateau, Recipe by Ivy

Preparation time:u00c2u00a0u00c2u00a0 10 minutes
Freezing time:u00c2u00a0u00c2u00a0 3 – 4 hours
Serves: 8


Leftover cookies:u00c2u00a0 about 3 – 4 cups:u00c2u00a0u00c2u00a0 I used gingerbread cookies, whoopie pies cookies, melomakarona, kourabiedes and meringues.
(about) 1 cup Roasted Almonds
Cream cheese fillingu00c2u00a0 (about 1 cup )
Whipped cream u00c2u00a0u00c2u00a0(had about 1 cup leftover from all three colours)
Pieces of Caramelized Orange peels
Chocolate Caramelized orange peels, for decoration (about 15u00c2u00a0 pieces)

For Chocolate ganache

1 couverture chocolate (125 grams)
1 teaspoon butter
Milk or heavy cream (about 1/4 cup) just enough to make it smooth (I used milk)
1 tablespoon orange liqueur
1 tsp orange zest


Line a bowl with cling film, crosswise so as to cover all four sides.u00c2u00a0 Add a layer of the pink whipped cream first (optional).

In a bowl break the biscuits or cookies and mix in the nuts, orange peels and creams.u00c2u00a0 Mix well and place in the lined bowl.u00c2u00a0 Cover with the cling film and deep freeze.u00c2u00a0 At this stage itu00c2u00a0 can remain as long as you wish.

Unfold the cling film and invert in a platter.u00c2u00a0 Remove the cling film.

In a double boiler prepare the ganache.u00c2u00a0 Put the chocolate and mix to melt, add butter, liqueur and orange zest.u00c2u00a0u00c2u00a0 You will see that it will soon become thick again.u00c2u00a0u00c2u00a0 Start adding milk (or cream) and keep mixing until it becomes creamy again.u00c2u00a0u00c2u00a0u00c2u00a0 Pour it in the centre and leave it fall without spreading it with a spatula.

Decorate with the Chocolate orange peels.

Place in the refrigerator for the ganache to set but also for the frozen cream to become soft again.u00c2u00a0u00c2u00a0u00c2u00a0 During summer keep it in the deep freezer.

The tradition on New Year’s Day is making Vassilopita.u00c2u00a0 I will make mine tomorrow, so for any of you who would like to make it the recipe is in my Cookbook «Mint, Cinnamon & Blossom Water, Flavours of Cyprus, Kopiaste», or you can make a more traditional one I made a few years ago.

This is my last post for 2010.u00c2u00a0 A brand new year will be here in a few days.u00c2u00a0u00c2u00a0 The one that has passed has been good and bad.u00c2u00a0 It has been good because my husband and children are all well and in good health. u00c2u00a0u00c2u00a0 I am really very happy that all three of my children are at University, the two of them doing post graduate studies and Elia, who is the youngest is a freshman (is there another word for a girl?).u00c2u00a0 I have seen my book published and this is a dream come true.

However, life has lots of sorrows as well and loosing my brother was an ordeal for the whole family.

A new year is coming filled with dreams, hope, expectations, resolutions, fears and forecasts.u00c2u00a0u00c2u00a0 Who knows what is in store for us?u00c2u00a0 Only God.

My sincerest wish is that everyone will be healthy and if we are healthy we can achieve anything we want.

Happy New Year dear friends and readers of my blog.



Latest Happy New Year 2011 Scraps.


Kopiaste and Kali Orexi!!

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  1. u00ceu009f/u00ceu0097 Alayna u00ceu00bbu00ceu00adu00ceu00b5u00ceu00b9:

    I love looking at your site. I'm Albanian so the food is very similar. I'll have to try this one.


    My recent post Egg Nog Rum Cake

  2. u00ceu009f/u00ceu0097 Nadji u00ceu00bbu00ceu00adu00ceu00b5u00ceu00b9:

    Un gâteau des plus réussis et une manière magnifique d'utiliser des restes.
    Rien ne se jette, tout se transforme.
    J'aurai bien aimé en goûter une tranche.
    Tous mes vœux pour cette nouvelle année. Qu'elle soit pleine de bonheur et de gourmandises.
    My recent post Bouchées de chocolat au « Marzipan » à la rose

  3. u00ceu009f/u00ceu0097 tasteofbeirut u00ceu00bbu00ceu00adu00ceu00b5u00ceu00b9:

    Judging by the ingredients, that ganache, the orange jam, I would be swooning too! I really think that having excellent components is key here. I would love to find out more about this marmalade you have made, or is the recipe in your book? can't wait to find out!
    Happy holidays dear Ivy. Hope that the book and your children bring you a lot of satisfaction in 2011.

  4. u00ceu009f/u00ceu0097 My Taste Heaven u00ceu00bbu00ceu00adu00ceu00b5u00ceu00b9:

    seriously? leftovers? that’s really fabulous~~~

    happy 2011 to you! all the best in the coming year! god bless xx

  5. u00ceu009f/u00ceu0097 MyLittleExpatKitchen u00ceu00bbu00ceu00adu00ceu00b5u00ceu00b9:

    Ivy your dessert is very imaginative. Great idea for left overs! I wish you a Happy New Year and all the best to you and your family!
    Καλu00ceu00ae χρονιu00ceu00ac με υγεu00ceu00afα να u00ceu00adχεις και u00cfu008c,τι επιθυμεu00ceu00afς!
    My recent post and a Lucky New Year

  6. u00ceu009f/u00ceu0097 Katerina u00ceu00bbu00ceu00adu00ceu00b5u00ceu00b9:

    Ivy mou Happy New Year for you and your family. Healthy, Prosperous and Sweet with big success with your book.
    My recent post Chicken Tagine Marocain


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