My dream is to have one in these wood-burning ovens in the future. u00c2u00a0Making bread, flaounes, pizza, kleftiko or any other meal you can fit in a wood-fired oven is an experience you will never forget, as it tastes so much better than baking in any other conventional gas or electric oven.

In other countries this may be extinct but in Cyprus having a «fourno (oven) or the small one called fournoui» and a «psistarka» a barbecue is a must. u00c2u00a0You can find them in most back yards. u00c2u00a0The ones in the picture are in my sister’s back yard. u00c2u00a0It’s common to find them in Greece as wellu00c2u00a0mostly in the countryside. u00c2u00a0Here in Greece they sell them prefabricated but if I am going to have one, especially the oven, I am going to make it the traditional way. u00c2u00a0 I know it’s hard work but really, anything that will eventually produce hot, fresh bread, well, is there any effort that would be to much?

Well, I must stop dreaming and for the time being I am still baking in my old oven :)

Bread is made the same all over the world, using flour, yeast (or sourdough), salt and water. u00c2u00a0The difference in this Cypriot bread is the starter (prozymi)u00c2u00a0and the round scoring which characterizes its shape. u00c2u00a0u00c2u00a0This is my second attempt to make Cypriot bread, using my ownu00c2u00a0»prozymi» (starter). u00c2u00a0The first time, although it was not very successful it still tasted better than store bought bread. u00c2u00a0Continue reading more here.

Kopiaste and Kali Orexi,

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  1. u00ceu009f/u00ceu0097 ellenbcookery u00ceu00bbu00ceu00adu00ceu00b5u00ceu00b9:

    My mother used to always speak of her wood fire oven and said bread never tasted better than when she used to make it back home in Lofi, Florina.

  2. u00ceu009f/u00ceu0097 ellenbcookery u00ceu00bbu00ceu00adu00ceu00b5u00ceu00b9:

    Hi Ivy,

    I just posted a review on Amazon regarding your book. I truly speak from my heart! I love your recipe book and cannot wait for you to complete your second!

  3. u00ceu009f/u00ceu0097 Jean u00ceu00bbu00ceu00adu00ceu00b5u00ceu00b9:

    Having worked in a wood fire oven a few years back at a five star hotel, I definitely agree about wnating to have one for myself. The pizzas we used to make in it just had a completely different taste altogether!

    Jean recently posted..How to be proactive about used tire problemsMy Profile

  4. u00ceu009f/u00ceu0097 banana wonder u00ceu00bbu00ceu00adu00ceu00b5u00ceu00b9:

    Love this kind of bread, and wish I had one of those ovens in my backyard… that would be the day :-)
    banana wonder recently posted..Stevenswood Resort and Restaurant – MendocinoMy Profile

  5. u00ceu009f/u00ceu0097 Juliana u00ceu00bbu00ceu00adu00ceu00b5u00ceu00b9:

    So interesting this oven…and did you know that is Portuguese we call oven «forno»? So close to «fourno». I can only imagine the taste of this bread.
    Hope you are enjoying your week Ivy :)
    Juliana recently posted..Curry Chicken with Udon NoodlesMy Profile

  6. u00ceu009f/u00ceu0097 Zoe u00ceu00bbu00ceu00adu00ceu00b5u00ceu00b9:

    I can’t imagine having such a big oven at my backyard! I don’t a backyard at all in my house…

    This bread is beautiful and relieve to know I don’t need such a big oven to bake such a beautiful rustic-looking bread.

  7. u00ceu009f/u00ceu0097 MaryMoh u00ceu00bbu00ceu00adu00ceu00b5u00ceu00b9:

    I’m really fascinated by those ovens. I hope you get one of those ovens one day. Bet you will be baking bread everyday and your house will smell really nice :D
    MaryMoh recently posted..Baby Potatoes And Roast Duck Stir FryMy Profile

  8. u00ceu009f/u00ceu0097 tasteofbeirut u00ceu00bbu00ceu00adu00ceu00b5u00ceu00b9:

    Ivy, this bread you made looks fantastic! I cannot believe you made it in your electric oven! I would love on of those wood-fired ovens as well, in fact I was contacted by a company that makes them in England following old-world traditions. Fourno is fourn in arabic, too btw!
    tasteofbeirut recently posted..Sumac lemonadeMy Profile

  9. u00ceu009f/u00ceu0097 Mary u00ceu00bbu00ceu00adu00ceu00b5u00ceu00b9:

    I’m glad your experiment with the rustic bread was so successful! One of my friends has an outdoor oven built into a brick area in her back yard. I’ve enjoyed fresh pizza from it on summer evenings. An oven like that would be a nice thing to have!
    Mary recently posted..Fig Mascarpone Dessert PizzaMy Profile


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